Allowance for insanity

bars & body covers-17“The greatest domination is allowance.” – Gary Douglas


When presented with a choice between gold and crap many people very often go for later.

It used to make me go crazy.

So little awareness in the choices so many people make…

Now it just makes me sit back and laugh.

There is so much more space in my world!

So much more allowance for the insanity others often function from.

And with that:

So much more energy free to create what I desire to.

So much more energy free to come with stuff that begs me to come out.


I’ve been absorbing many different calls with Gary & Dain lately and Kalpana has done so many classes with them recently! So inspiring to connect and create in  that new found space we are.


To whoever chooses to join on the fun:

You are in for a real treat with the coming events!


Lots of stuff simmering and cooking. From the hot sex call in August to the Talk to the Entities in October (both with Kalpana), from the INTRO’s on Food and Eating, Kids and Creation to the delicious Facelift class….

And so much more…

How does it get even better?


Stay tuned 😉



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