What do you know?

Copy of bars & body covers.pngSo a week ago I facilitated a class. Now I have facilitated classes before…
And I love that, so just to do a class already felt awesome.

And then.

Mostly at the beginning of each class I do short intro around. Imagine my surprise when 2 of the 12 participants told me they have no idea what Access Bars is about, never heard of it actualy, all they know is they saw a picture of me and they knew they had to be there, they knew I had a piece they were looking for.

WOW That I call following energy!

What I love more than anything else is to see eyes of the participants lighten up when I introduce a new tool. So many Access tools are so common sense yet nobody ever told us. So I really, really love presenting those gems that can change the course of your life, often in a split of second.

Once you know, you cannot not know… Once you become aware of your choices that were limiting you, you also know there is something else you have available.

So grateful for Access Consciousness and the way it assisted me to become aware of who I was and what I had to offer. Grateful to be able to contribute to others find out themselves too.


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