Your happiness heals the Earth

bars & body covers-4One of the comments I often get in my classes is:

“Your laugh is so delicious!”
At first I did not understand what they meant.

Come on I’m just laughing!

When I heard it for the 10th time though I started to observe what was happening.
And what I came to see is I don’t restrict myself and my body in expression when enthusiast about something.

And that might come over as surprising to people, to their bodies though it feels expansive and relaxing.

It creates a space where judgments are hard to hold on to.

Funny things is when I was younger my mother used to tell me I laughed as a horse and should stop it. How interesting I couldn’t even make that one real…

Every time now people mention my laugh in my classes I explain what I’ve heard from Gary Douglas:

It’s your happiness that heals the Earth.

Would you be willing to heal the Earth by choosing to be happy?


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