“Boo!” is not what they mostly say

Copy of Copy of Copy of bars & body covers-1 (2).pngYesterday I exchanged a delicious session body work with a friend. She shared with me she has a difficulty deciding stuff lately and feels not quite in her body. While she knows she has a lot of creative potential and lot of ideas it seemed as if it was difficult to start projects and make things work.

Hmmm …

Perhaps an entity that does not feel like creating, that rather would like to keep things small?

Yes, there were a few. After a few specific clearings they left. The energy in her body and in the room changed completely. There was no struggle, they were fine entities trying to help, just not in the most helpful way.

How many times have I not seen this?

Very grateful for the pragmatic and practical tools of Access Consciousness that allow me to facilitate these energies in a simple and highly efficient way.

Never have I known that I had capacities with this and very pleased with the clarity and insight that these tools often give in sessions. It still surprises me how aware I happen to be and how much ease is possible if we do not try to turn off our perception.

How does it get even better than this?


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