Awareness ROCKs

copy-of-copy-of-copy-of-bars-body-covers-6Two clear recent examples of how awareness works.

Today morning I got really excited about the facelift class news! I set up the class in july knowing there will be new structure to this class, new manual and the video with Gary & Dain is coming. I just had no clue as to when. End of the October seemed to be a very light date to do the class.

Lo and behold, have I done it any time sooner I wouldn’t have the information or the materials to facilitate a brand new facelift class!

How does it get even better?

Before the last Foundation class she facilitated Kalpana texted me from Hungary to let her know how many manuals of each language we need to print, we were discussing whether to print for both classes we had coming in September and October of just for the first class. It wasn’t light at all to print double, I had no clue why, normally to print more is of course cheaper.

Just 2 days later we got to know about the re-write of the class and got to know the Foundation will have a brand new manual before the class in October! So there.

What if you could follow awareness instead of logic?

Would it create more?

And could it even spare you some money?


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