Fun to find out

Copy of Copy of Copy of bars & body covers-8.pngHow I got to know Daniel (my husband) trusted what I do and create…

6 months ago Daniel ordered a brand new I-phone. He had to go to pick it up to Haarlem and as it happened when he came there they told him they do not have him on their list and couldn’t hand him one.
Smart as he is first thing he did was to call me and ask what he should do.

I told him to just stay right there and stay in the question of What else is possible and told him I’ll see what I can do.
Did some random clearings that came to mind and 10 minutes later he called me he has his new gadget exactly the type he wanted in his hand. They still couldn’t find him in their system, but just sold him one they had.

Amazing, right?

So when he came home I asked him whether he knew I would fix it. To which he replayed: “Of course, otherwise I wouldn’t have called you!”

Sure felt great to know 🙂
How even better?


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