Can I have my money now, please?

copy-of-copy-of-copy-of-bars-body-covers-9Just a side note today…

A wise meditation teacher told me once I do not have any barriers in place to receiving (and to receiving money in particular) and I guess she might have been right!

Money loves me. And I sure love money and the possibilities it gives me to explore more, to travel, to set up stuff…

You might know creation for me is like breathing. It just comes and goes and it generates not just for me but for everybody involved.

One of the things I’ve found out in the past is setting up an event’s for somebody or with somebody who is unable to receive money won’t ever really work. You can be aware of so many different possibilities to expand the event or business if you have to do with unability to receive you might get frustrated to say the least.

Do you have a difficulty with receiving money?

A clarity session with me might assist to get you on track!
I also have a class on money coming up in November where I introduce you to many powerful Access Consciousness tools to create awareness around this rich topic.

Do you just like me looove the energy money is and have no difficulty receiving it and playing with it?
Who knows we might get to play together one day?!!


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