Talking entities :)

Copy of Copy of Copy of bars & body covers-10.png
About a month ago I was facilitating a mother of 2 kids. Her main concern was her son.
She explained he was afraid to sleep in his bed at night and demanded to sleep next to her.
I asked her some questions and every time the topic of entities came up she went to total denial, fear and panic.
What I found out was actually going on is – her son was well aware of the entities and had totally no judgment of that. He saw she was so much in fear that he felt the urge to protect her at night, which she wasn’t able to receive as she was projecting her fear on him.
Kids are so aware and this topic for them is so natural.
I wonder what would be possible for us “adults” if we didn’t buy fear as real.
What if we could look at things with the eyes of a child again?

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