Infinite possibilities

copy-of-copy-of-copy-of-bars-body-covers-7Few days ago for a brief moment it looked like we are with 15 participants instead of 16 for the body process class. Not so handy, I thought.
And there is always more possible 🙂
I called a friend I knew could benefit from the process and she was in without having to convince her at all.

What she texted later is:
‘I bumped my head and asked: “How does it get better than this?” Just a second later you called to tell me about the class’
Power of asking questions!

Later of course one of the participants showed up who wasn’t registered so we ended up with a great group of 17 and my body got to gift and receive and facilitate at the same time.
My body loves these energies and is not afraid of a little challange.

Now, how does it get even better than this?!

Stay tuned for the facelift class at the end of the month and a brand new body process next month – I picked a really great one and will reveal the date and name very soon!!!


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