Apple or peer?

copy-of-copy-of-copy-of-bars-body-covers-6-2A while back someone I know suggested to show me her house. She has a beautiful big house that I never visited and she invited me inside to see.

I love interiors and buildings and enjoyed very much to see how she had decorated the inside with a lot of taste and sense of space. Matching colors, styles and design furniture.

What I became aware off is that she immediately started to scan my system for signs of jealousy. Yeah, you know right away if you are just as aware as me 🙂
That was why she asked me to see her home and that was why her house looked like what it looked like!

Did she know it herself? Was she aware she needed all the luxury just to be able te feel “better” about herself and better than others?

That was not important. I could not make her happy. I do not get jealous when I see people do great. It makes me happy to see people succeed, to see them create what they desire and it just means one thing for me:
I can choose that too!
I can also create that with ease if I only choose it.

Jealousy is an interesting phenomenon. Where people could choose to create just about anything they rather focus outside of themselves, look to someone who already has it or is it, remain trapped in comparison and stay out of the creation of their own reality.

I see it very clearly around me.
How many people are incredibly inspired by stuff I create and see it as an invitation for them to choose more in their world and how many look to see what they will never have.

Where is the difference then?

That’s right: Just between the ears.
What else is possible?


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