Time To Have Your Own Back

by Christel Crawford

14164000_10153905478550906_252053926_o-pngMy mom has always been that one person in my life who could trigger me into abandoning me in a heartbeat.

And also someone who I absolutely care about.

It’s been so frustrating over these fourty years to totally care about someone and for it not have the effect you wish it had.

She never felt loved. She still doesn’t.

And I’ve made myself wrong for that — resisted it — cried about it — gotten pissed about it.

But today, on her birthday, I called her. She did what she does – and I chose different.

She still doesn’t feel loved. She feels like I hurt her all the time. She doesn’t get what I’m choosing.

And I’m not wrong.

All true. For both of us  🙂

Thank god for every ten seconds.

I may have ranted for a minute… but another place where I used to abandon me is over.  ❤️

People accusing you, no matter how close they are, does not make you wrong.

And today, you can choose to know that.

Who or what are you unwilling to lose that if you were willing to lose them would give you all of you?

  • Nobody can ever have my back the way I can, not one person.
  • Nobody can know what actually works for me.
  • Nobody can choose t create what actually works for me.
  • Nobody can choose to create the energies that only I know that thrum through my body.

Nobody But Me!

I invite you to look at that for yourself today.

Where are you abandoning you and where can you choose different today?


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