What if nothing can stop You?!

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of bars & body covers (2).pngBy Kalpana Raghuraman

I have noticed how going for greater has always been something that I have been functioning from.

And I have been fortunate to always have had some people around me who are inspired by that and who inspire that in me.
It’s a crazy combination of being grateful for everything that is and at the same time always looking for what else is possible beyond it.

For me it is like a fire in my belly that burns —
it burns to always question what other possibilities can be created,
it burns to wonder what i have not considered yet
and it burns to keep me following what is light.

Now what is light is not always easy but it sure creates more
more for me, more for people in my life and in its own bizar way more for the world.

And then there are people who vilify for choosing more, for desiring more.
They prefer what i call Diet-Consciousness and Diet-Choice
A little bit of change, a little bit of consciousness but please not too much!
That would be too uncomfortable.
That would change too much.
And for those who do choose more, they have to vilify them in order to justify their choices.

Having been active in the arts-field, I have good training in dealing with judgements and vilification.
It has trained my muscles rather well – to deal with what people throw at me…. 😉

And what I get now is-
That I have actually always used what people throw at me!
Not to stop myself
Not to hide
Not to become a victim

But to use as inspiration
To use as building blocks
To use to my advantage…

SO I wonder, what if nothing can stop You?!
What if whatever people throw at you directly or indirectly can be a contribution to your life?!


One thought on “What if nothing can stop You?!

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