How do you keep your clients?

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of bars & body covers.pngWhen people used to ask me how do I keep my clients I never really knew what to answer.
My clients? I don’t have any clients.
I’m not a doc or a shrink, haha.
I’m a facilitator.
As for people who come to me for a session – they are free as a bird after they leave my practice.
They are free to come back whenever they need to and they are free to stay away if they never need to see me again.
Isn’t that exactly what a facilitator would do anyway?
Facilitate more consciousness for those who ask so that they, themselves know what they know and that they know.
I’ve seen so many people in my practice from the time I started to facilitate Access Bars, some of them I don’t even remember, some of them might not remember me.
So grateful I can contribute to them, their bodies, their families and their lives.
And so grateful I don’t feel any stress about having to create clients,
I mean there are people coming from everywhere like all the time.
They seem to know exactly where they need to be,
who am I to try to direct the flow?
How does it get even more Ease & Joy?

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