Reality can be hilarious


You know in the Foundation class when your facilitator explains that we can’t receive from anybody we judge?
And not just that – we can’t receive from anybody who is energetically compatible with them…

We had a great laugh about this one on my Money, money, money call when the idea of jalousy came up.

Man, it happens to me like all the time…
Did I find it uncomfortable at the beginning?
Did I quickly learn how to deal with it?
Hell, YES!

“People only accuse you of what they themselves are secretly doing.”
Another gem from the Foundation class.
And another piece of information that got my life infinitely easier.

Am I in the way of so many who think they can never get past me? For sure, from their perspective…
Try to compete with somebody who doesn’t do competition 🙂

Am I actually here to contribute to everybody who is willing to receive? Uhuh 🙂

When you get a clue reality can be hilarious.


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