The retrospective view

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of bars & body covers (2).pngYou know how some things get really clear in the retrospective?
Like for example who truly had your back?

1 year and 1 month ago I needed to desert my job so badly, I wasn’t at the right place and my body was so clear about it.
Yet – everybody I talked to at the moment – my best friend, my family, even the Access facilitator agreed that would be a lot of money to miss every month.

And then I talked to Daniel – my husband – and even though my choice would of course affect him the most, he was the only person who told me that I had to do what I knew was necessary and that we will be fine either way.

Oldest of 5 kids he was probably used to no money and even though he sure does prefer money, he didn’t put it before my health or my sanity.

The rest of course is a history.

One month after that my income was double, one year after that most months I earn 5 times as much or more.

All the energy that went to resisting change went straight to creation and all of a sudden I was able to create so much so fast.

The message my body was conveying at the time couldn’t be clearer. And I’m so grateful I was willing to listen.

And equally so I’m grateful for the one person in the world who truly had my back when I took the leap and has it every time the road gets bumpy.

Thank you, my dear, let’s fly even higher now, shall we?


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