No more crap

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of bars & body covers (4)When for an extensive period of time you truly have somebodies back and out of the blue the person turns you down…

…you can choose to get sad,
you can choose to get angry,
you can choose to get bitter,
you can choose to put up walls…

Not so long ago, I’d probably do all the above,
I’d react and resist and I’d use a lot of energy in that.
So, it almost surprised me there really was a choice and in that there really was space and ease.

When something like this happens and your walls don’t go up to match the walls of the other side I call it a miracle.
When the only reaction you can come up with when confronted with the situation is: “Oh, well.” you know you have reached a dangerous level of freedom.

I know I have Access Consciousness to thank for that.
In the last few years repeatedly there were situations that have tested my ability to deal and time and time again I’ve seen that when I stay with what I know there’s nothing really that can cost me my peace.

This really used to be the other way around 4 years ago, I was great in absorbing everybody’s turmoil and taking their drama on as if it was my full time job.

Only later I realized that too was a creation.

So grateful for the clarity and knowing that I have choice to either create crap, trauma and drama or stay cool, receive what comes my way and keep on choosing greater.

And in that whenever I choose the latter I see that the universe always, always, always has my back.


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