Don’t try to understand


gastblog van Caro Joy

Never try to understand other people, never try to adjust to their standards, never apologize for how and what you are doing.

What *you* do from your heart and knowing is best for you.

We can never truly understand each other, because maybe our ‘fabric’ is the same, the journey we are on is different, and all those ingredients together on that journey are only known to the individual. You can not see all the ingredients where someone else is functioning from, they cannot really see all of yours. And it is not important. It’s not for your concern.

Just stop understanding, adjusting, conforming, explaining etc. *even* if they want you to… Be who you are and play with others, have fun with others, add on to others, gift from yourself freely and receive from others.

That is a totally different universe to function from. I was the Queen of Adjusting …. I was so good in adjusting to everything what others asked of me that I lost myself, completely. When finally my body gave me rather loud and painful signals, I started this journey to find the true me.

Along this journey I was told that I was egoistic, self-centered, a bitch (who? me? 😉 ) , and a lot of other things. I lost contact with some people who I thought were friends, but only wanted what I had to give on their terms…

Its all okay. Because nowadays I am more happy, more me, having more fun with more awesome egoistic self-centered sweet people than ever before.

Life is fun and I love being me


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