Ready to shine?


A friend asked me a few days ago what do I do when people are jealous of me, what do I do when people spread lies about me and what do I do when people judge me.

Apparently she is getting really good at what she is doing and starts to experience what many of us who actually enjoy what we are doing frequently get.

Jealousy is a funny thing – people focus outside of themselves at something they have decided they will never be able to get and think if they can make it less it will be less embarrassing to them somehow. There actually seems to be a lot of admiration hidden in that and I guess you could even see it as a kind of twisted compliment. They adore you, they would so love to have what you are having, but they have decided they can’t.

OK, so what do I do about that?

Here it comes 🙂

I really do nothing! I’ve been vilified and talked badly about by so many different people ever since I started to get visible and the thing is – it doesn’t matter at all!

It doesn’t make you any less and it doesn’t make your contribution any smaller.

The thing is, it really doesn’t have to hurt you when people, who like to focus elsewhere but on their own stuff, try to diminish your light.
As long as you don’t make their comments real to you by either aligning and agreeing or resisting an reacting to them it can only make you stronger, bigger, better in everything you already excel in.
You know where in Access we say that every time you receive a judgment your bank account gets happy:

KA CHING right there!

Over the years I got so good at receiving judgments it’s no more then information to me about where people are functioning from at the very moment. And what I have also seen so often when you do not make their stuff real to you people actually change their point of view about you without you ever having to talk to them.
And, yes, this sometimes might take years.
But it’s really difficult to try to hold on to your judgment of somebody when the person just doesn’t seem to have any problem with you.

And I get some people really do their best to get to you – believe me I know all about that and what if even that had nothing to do with you?
What contribution is to be received even in that?

Would you like more facilitation on how to deal with these energies?
There are excellent tools you could use if the stuff gets intense.

How much ease can you have with doing what you love to do and with being successful?


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