Ease of asking and receiving

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So my flight to France was yesterday early morning…

I actually had to leave home before 6… Amazing how much ease my body creates when it travels.

It helps I always like flying, my body enjoys taking off as much as it does observing birds to fly. To sit in the air while somebody else is taking care of you getting safe from A to B – I consider that magic.

And what I’ve created on the flight yesterday was new to me and kind of magic on it’s own. The flight was really full and as I booked at the very last minute my seat was at the very back of the plane next to the isle. Creative as I’m when it was my turn to order what I would like to drink, the beverage of my choice was a green thee. But there was no green thee being served… Before I could come up with an alternative of the stewardesses went to make a cup just for me anyway. Then the question came whether I would like to have a sandwich. For my body that was a resounding NO. Encouraged by my previous success I asked whether there was any chance of buying a banana. No sorry no banana’s to buy – accept: maybe there was a banana at the front of the plane where the crew stores their stuff and in that case I could have it for free. 5 minutes later I got my free banana!!

By that point the stewardess could find me awfully irritating, but no. We had a click. She asked me where I bought the golden necklace I was wearing and I let her have a feel of it. As I totally forgot the name of the store where I bought it, I got a card with her email address to let her know once I do remember. She said she will save money for the same one.

It was amazing to have somebody to really take care of me and fulfill my wishes upon asking. And I could see the young lady was happy to make me happy as well.

I’d never even dared to ask for what I wanted just a few years ago and look at me now!

What else is possible with asking and receiving?



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