Would you rather be wrong or be free?


Would you rather be right or be free?

When you fuck up…
And honestly, who doesn’t fuck up from time to time?
I know I sure do…

When you fuck up and you know it,
the very best respons would be:
“Oh, man, I’m so sorry! How can I make this up to you?”

One of the magical words you most probably learnt at home really, really works when things get less fabulous…

Everything is changable and everything can change when we are willing to change our points of view about it.

On the other hand…
If you have somebody being part of your reality who is interested in making you small, in discounting you, in making you wrong:

That person in NOT your friend.

If they are unable or unwilling to change their behavior towards you, it might be your turn to step your game up.

I found every time a person who was interested in keeping me small leaves my orbit my world only gets brighter.

Just saying…

Or let me put it this way:

Would you rather be wrong or be free?


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