Time to acknowledge the one person that has contributed most to my success over the past years: Mr.Faber!

What do I love most about my man – so much so that I stuck to him for the past almost 17 years?
Even though as a person he loves his own space (which works perfectly for both of us) as a partner he always has my back and is always there for me.
He is stable, reliable, decisive, supportive, calm, clear, determined, intelligent, smart, intuitive and rather aware.

He is a creator himself:
He chooses what, and then he goes create it – he does it with jobs, our relationship, cars, houses, money, his body even – impressive.

I love his taste… very appealing, elegant, very sexy to me.
And I love the fact that he knows to create and to receive.

He doesn’t doubt.

He chose me once when he was still very young and never went to doubt that later, no matter what difficulty, what challenge, he never even once suggested to split. Of course, he’d like to adjust small things about me to his liking (God knows I’m far from being perfect), but he ever chose me because he saw me fit his idea of somebody he could create his life next to and he never doubted that. He was a Dutch guy, just 20 back then! I was 27 and Czech…

A rather intuitive move. 😊

I’ve changed a lot over the past few years and he always supports me in choosing more and going further no matter how it looks like and no matter how much he has to facilitate in that.

He met me before I had kids (obviously) when I was strong, active and determined I guess he always could see that in me. He is proud of me, which is not that strange,
I’m who he has chosen after all.

Talking about kids – he is a great Dad, involved, caring, creating stable, supportive environment for the boys to grow up in with their mother being her busy, ever changing, ever expanding, always creative self.

His allowance of me and my creations is extraordinary at times.

Yesterday as I was watching Mr. Faber laying next to the swimming pool resting I felt so grateful for him for sharing his life with me, for being such an amazing husband and the father, for driving at night the curvy Sicilian roads to get us to this paradise, for having my back and for so much more.

How does it get even greater than that?



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