Too cosy

Last week me and Daniel (my husband) were talking about the kids.

How fun they are, how happy we are with them, how fine there is so much ease in our family now.

This comment of his I found very funny: “Yeah, you make it too cozy for them.”
Indeed, I’m not a typical case of a mother who always knows everything and comes with all kinds of rules. Working from the question with the kids tends to create much ease.

What do they know? What are they aware of? What would work here? What would facilitate ease for all of us?

Choices that concern all of us we make together. Where are we going for holiday this year? Where do they want to be after school? What do they want to eat?

I always saw my kids (and not just my kids) as infinite beings. No less aware, not less smart and no less developed than myself. From there, it is easy to make choices that work for all of us.

They feel heard, seen, understood. They have no one to fight to prove themselves or to attract attention. That’s just not necessary.

I saw them from the moment they were born.

One of them incredibly expressive, active and funny, the other smart, introvert and well-balanced. They could not be more different, and I adore both of them.

Happy they chose me to be their mother.



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